A Letter From the Former Commander

Dear fellow East India Trading Company Soldiers and Officers,

Disbanding of the EITC First Division pertains to role-play.

It is with great sadness that I, Second High Lord Johnathan Francis Anthony O' Reilly, former leader of the EITC First Division, officially declare the disbanding of the EITC First Division. It seems that the soldiers that have so honorably fought beside me have left for other units, and have no longer felt the need to fight with the division. I have realized over the past month that the activity and quality of the division has increasingly dropped, until the current point that it has reached; sheer inactivity. I commend the courage and honor that the soldiers have brought upon for the division, and the men who so valiantly fought for it. However, the time has come to say goodbyes. Men of the East India Trading Company First Division of the Black Guard, I stand and salute you. I wish you luck in your current and future divastments. EITC First Division, I will always carry you in my heart.

Your most humble servant,

Second High Lord Johnathan Francis Anthony O' Reilly

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The Official Disbanding

The formal disbanding will be held sometime before the end of October, in the Port Royal Town Square. All soldiers of the division will wear their dress uniforms and hand in their arms given to them when they joined the division. All former soldiers of the division are requested to attend.

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