The Forging

It was late, on June 23, 1744(is that the correct year for 2011), when the great, Capt. Skull X, had a revolutionary idea. It would change the way pirates battled the evil forces of Jolly Roger, and the hated EITC. He went to the Skull's Marines base, and began brain storming, trying to create ideas for his mastermind weapon, which really wasn't even a weapon at all... but a meere tool, that will bring mass destruction to the Caribbean.

The plans weren't too complex, and after talking with Chris Swordbones, Cortez, and Dandandragon they managed to figure out a way to double triple quadruple the power of the fury cannon ball..

They started by adding a tad of the Growing Grog potion to the fury cannon ball, adding some Mystic Mixture III, and Cannoneer Draft III to create a super charged fury cannon ball. Then, adding some more growing grog too it, they carefully carved out some of the cannon ball, dropping in a second, normal sized fury cannonball, and finally they dropped in an explosive cannon ball. Once the moisture was done, they shrank everything down, using Shrinkin' Grog, to make the cannon ball normal size once again. They then named the new type of cannon ball, the Furplode Cannonball

They then brought out the Iron Priming Ram, and the Revenant Ram. They took the handle from the Iron Priming Ram, and the head of the Revenant Ram, and melted them together, forming the Devistation Ram. The holder of this ram could easily rule the seas, for this cannon ram provides unlimited Furplode Ammo to all cannonners, and provides your ship with Furplode Broads.

Weapon Stats

  • Abilities: Extra Cannon Range +5, Fury Boost + 5, Explosive Boost + 5, Furplode Boost + 10, Unlimited Furplode shot for Gunners, Furplode Broadsides
  • Level Required: Cannon 30 AND Sailing 30
  • Resale Value: 1 Million Gold Pieces
  • Cost: Can only be found in the Skull's Marines Armory (Heavily Guarded = Impossible to get)
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