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Juan Grande

Devil's Anvil Founder - Juan Grande

Born : May 15, 1663

Died : October 8, 1702

Early life

Grande lived in spain for a short time. He was a major traveler and did not like spending a long time in one place. He had been to many places in Spain. In 1683 he was aboard the ship that Settled Tortuga. A year later he then left Tortuga with 10 passengers to Find Port Royal. They came up to a Small island and did not do further exploring due to sickness and low cargo. They began to unload the cargo they had and settled there. They found a cave full of gold and was able to bring the gold back to Tortuga. The Tortuga settlers were amazed and believed other islands contained this.

Anvil & Grande

Devil's Anvil looked to be poisned. Scorpions and Crabs and other vile animals invaded the island. Legend say no matter how much gold u take out of the gold cave it always returns. They call it - The Curse of Grande

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