Depopulor is a weapon forged by the World Wide Weapon Makers. It's name is Latin, for the word Devastate. It is called that because it would devastate it's enemies on contact.

The blade was forged about a year ago on Mount Vesuvius. It was made from an alloy of steel, iron, and obsidion. It is possibly the sharpest blade in history. No one exactly knows who made it, but we do know it's locked away in a WWWM Vault.

The blade has been used twice before, both times causing mass destruction:

  1. An ecampent of Arabian mercenaries settled in the mountains of Greece, and were terrorizing nearby villages. The blade was brought in by William Damproberts, who turned the camp to rubble.
  2. An armada of pirates was sailing to England, planning to do mass devastation to London. John Breasly took it out on a ship, and made the armada history.
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