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Mr. Arbanch asks for training with Zoomer. Zoomer quickly tries to confront him. If you want to do this, you must read information about his attacks, damages, health, and defense.

Del Arbanch.


  • Royal slash: Arbanch quickly spreads out his swords (1350-7800)
  • Terrestrial Swirl: Arbanch summons a wave of rays at the pirate (4000-8000)
  • Terrestrial Quake: Arbanch leaps into the air, then crushes down causing an earthquake (9000-12000)
  • Thrust: pirate ability (1000-1400)
  • Flourish: pirate ability (1400-1800)


He has a dangerous health of 600,000, and you must have a lot of pirates in the arena to defeat the powerful noble man.

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