This is the last arrangements for Sir Matthew O'malley who died of cancer. His funeral will be held at Noon at Antama in the Port Royal Graveyard. Today 7/21/11.

These were his last wishes.

  • He hands his postion of Lord Diplomat of England to Le Souris Morte
  • He hands ownership of the United Kingdom Trading Co. to Le Souris Morte
  • His will must be followed - The Will of Matthew Louis Goldtimbers O'malley
  • And Lastly that His wife , Grace Wildscarlet get a hold of his Matthew's estates.

Remeber that his funeral will be today, 7/21/11 at Noon on Antama in the Port Royal Graveyard.

This is his wishes.

May he rest in peace.


Matthew O'malley is not dead but alive! He has returned at the will of Le Souris Morte who will now be played by Matthew so pleaae do not worry. Thank you

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