David is a level 47 pirate, GM of David Inc.


David grew up a wealthy boy. He was named after the biblical David, who slew Goliath. Somewhere around sixteen, he joined the Royal Navy. Around twenty, he became a pirate.

In 1722 (2008), he started a guild called David Inc, which prospered. It was made to honor his namesake, who slew Goliath. In 1724 (2010), David fell in love with Elizabeth Heartmalley, the queen of England.

After a month of relationship, Elizabeth fell in love with the Co-GM of his sworn enemy's guild, Robert Mcroberts. Then the war started, it was many months before war stopped.

David was a good guildmaster, but he couldn't hold out against his enemy, William O'roberts. Finally, he was kicked from his home server of Navermo.

Today, David lives on any server beginning with a D-G. He is level 47.



  • Savage Shark—War Frigate

Treasure Sets Collected

  • Odds and Ends
  • The Nine Rogues
  • Navy Decorations
  • Rudyard's Teeth


Notoriety 47
LevelTemplate47 David has reached Notoriety level 47!
Cannon 30
Cannon David has mastered Cannon!
Sailing 30
Sailing David has mastered Sailing!
Sword 30
Sword David has mastered Sword!
Gun 25
Doll 30
Doll David has mastered Doll!
Dagger 13
Grenade 7
Staff 30
Staff David has mastered Staff!
Potions Unknown
Fishing Unknown
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