Pie of the Pumpkin

Attack: 11

Abilities: Pie Lover (Keeps an Enemy occupied until he/she has finished it.) Moldy Pie (Makes the enemy sick)

Resale Value: N/A because it goes bad after you buy it.


Dark Fries

Attack: 0

Abilities: Annoyingness (There First ability is to annoy the enemy to death.) Immortality ( Only it's creator Matthew Darkskull can kill them.)

Resale Value: Can't sell because they'll just kill everybody.


Ring of Immortality

Abilities: Immortality (Your a god as long as you wear it) Always Handy (Makes the skill in use all the time)

Resale Value: Matthew will never sell it, as it could fall into wrong hands. By the way it is Priceless.



Attack: 9999999999999999999999999999999

Abilities: Has a majority of weapons that can be used against alot of things.

Resale Value: He is a person he can't be bought because i think it is illegal.

Patrick star 007

Patrick Star

Attack: To dumb he doesn't know

Abilities: Brainless (He doesn't feel anything and doesn't even know anyhing)

Resale Value: JUST TAKE HIM!!!!!!



Attack: Infinite

Abilities: Adminship (Can do all admin rights)

Rasale Value: Ask him

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