A dark Kraken smashes a ship with its tentacles.


Eye Color: Any color on the colorwheel between red and orange

Danger:9 (1-10)

Level: 46 (1-50)

Skin Color: Brown or black

Enemy Type: Open Sea Enemy

Map: Underwater

Habitat: Dark trenches in the Boiling Bay (near Cuba)

Description: The Dark Kraken has a bumpy body and large eyes. It has tentacles that can grow over 100,000 ft long. Its breath is said to be a black fog that turns people into noting but bones. It lives only in Dark trenches because it hates light.

Hints: Its tenticles must be shot down before it comes out of the water. Once its head is out of the water, its head needs to be shot and it will die.If its head is not shot on time, it will breath on the ship and the whole crew will turn to bones and die.

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