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Before the EITC, he worked as a explorer for Governer Swann. A ancient tribe he met drew this picture of him, being "the god that set them free from the choaklais"(being their enemy tribe)

Danny Roger is Jolly Roer's lost brother. 21 years younger, he found out of his brother's existance at the battle of Raven's Cove, fighting for the EITC. They had a confrontation, but even though Danny stood brave, he was almost killed, but Jolly decided for his little brother "to never forget the pain struck by the Caribbean's true king" and wounded Danny in the chest, almost striking his heart. The medics used their best technology and kept him alive, only for him to be able to barely move. He is know the captain of two EITC Ship of the Lines, and hunts down Jolly.
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Danny watched the Navy at work, but later decided to join the EITC.

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