The Daggers of Hafel were forged by Arkyl the God of Wolves and the Sea. Arkyl was a master forger who made most of the Cursed Weapons of the Gods. One day Arkyl realized that one day he would be no more for he was one of the First Beings On This Earth so as he died he drew his mighty staff pointed it at a piece of wood which immediately caught on fire as he moved his staff around the flames and they turned into the Daggers. Naturally Hafel, god of war and death found these daggers and took them under his mighty care. The

Dagger (2)

Daggers of Hafel

daggers are now in the possesion of Hafel and he uses them whenever it is neccesary for him to do battle.


Type/Rarity Legendary Cursed Wargods Blade
Attack N/A 177
Resale Value N/A 1,000,000,000
DragonsBreath Rank 18 Blasts your enemy with a series of bursts of flame does damage over time
Snake Arrangement Rank 16 Throws a Flaming Viper's Nest
Curse Rank 14 Curses everyone in the area with Voodoo Chains and damage over time lasts 120 seconds!
Sword and Shield Rank 18 Casts a shield of flame around your body for 120 seconds will burn anyone who it comes in contact with
Hafel Power Rank 12 SUMMON THE POWER OF THE GOD OF WAR! increases all damage by 75% lasts until another special power is summoned
Dragons Soul Rank 16 Summon a steady stream of dragons flame for 20 seconds
Type N/A Throwing Knives
Use N/A Most have mastered daggers and have the blessing of Hafel to use
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