Daggerstone Knives are made by Sharpe's Blacksmithing, it is a very elite kind of dagger that can be bought with 6000 gold and can be sold at Sharpe's Blacksmithing. This blade use to be very hard to make but after a while, LeClerc Sharpe found a better way of making it out of silver and fool's gold.


It is known by DaggerStone because it looks like a dagger and it is as hard as a stone, making it hard to break.


  • Attack- 70
  • Made out of fool's gold and silver
  • +2 Viper Knives
  • +3 Gouge
  • Dagger Class- Throwing Knives
  • Cost- 6000gold
  • Resale Value - 15 gold
  • Requires Unknown Level Dagger

200px-Dagger C

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