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Curycoo is the main pirate of Piplupower.

Many call her Cur, Pip, Cury, and Coo. Curycoo Is currently Basic Access, and doesn't play anymore. so ha. comeatmebro.

Stats and Stuff

Guild Elite Thievery Co.
Favorite Server Vachira
Notoriety 50
Cutlass 30
Gun 30
Voodoo Doll 30
Dagger 30
Grenades 20
Staff 23
Cannon 20
Sailing 30
Fishing 20
Potions 17
Highest Cannon Defense 20
Money 53,000
Groups Parliament,CIG,BC5

Skill Points


Icon Skill Rank
Cutlass hack Hack 4
Cutlass slash Slash 4
Cutlass cleave Cleave 4
Cutlass flourish Flourish 4
Cutlass stab Thrust 3
Cutlass sweep Sweep 1
Cutlass brawl Brawl 5
Cutlass taunt Taunt 1
Cutlass bladestorm Bladestorm 5
Cutlass parry Parry 1


Icon Skill Rank
Pistol shoot Shoot 5
Pistol take aim Take Aim 5
Lead Lead Shot 1
Venom Venom Shot 0
Bane Bane Shot 0
Gold Hex Eater Shot 0
Silver Silver Shot 5
Steel Steel Shot 5
Pistol sharp shooter Sharp Shooter 5
Pistol eagle eye Eagle Eye 5
Dagger dodge Dodge 0


Icon Skill Rank
Voodoo Attune Attune 5
Voodoo poke Poke 5
Voodoo swarm Swarm 2
Voodoo heal Heal 1
Voodoo curse Curse 1
Voodoo burn Scorch 5
Voodoo cure Cure 2
Voodoo shackle Grave Shackles 3
Voodoo life drain Life Drain 1


Icon Skill Rank
Dagger cut Cut 5
Dagger swipe Swipe 5
Dagger gouge Gouge 5
Dagger throw Asp 0
Dagger adder Adder 0
Dagger sidewinder Sidewinder 0
Dagger throw dirt Throw Dirt 5
Cutlass finesse Finesse 1


Icon Skill Rank
Grenade throw Throw 3
Grenade longvolley Long Volley 1
Grenade explosive Explosive 5
Grenade stinkpot Stink Pot 0
Grenade firebomb Flame Burst 2
Grenade smokecloud Smoke Cloud 1
Grenade determination2 Determination 2
Grenade demolition Demolitions 1


Blast: 2

Soul Flay: 1

Pestilence: 1

Wither: 5

Flaming Skull: 2

Banish: 1

Concentration: 1

Spirit Lore: 2

Conservation: 5


Left Broadside: 5

Right Broadside: 5

Full Sail: 1

Come About: 1

Open Fire: 3

Ramming Speed: 1

Take Cover: 1

Treasure Sense: 5

Task Master: 5


Shoot: 4

Round Shot: 2

Chain Shot: 0

Grape Shot: 0

Firebrand: 3

Thunderbolt: 5

Rapid Reload: 1

More Coming Soon!

Where to find her

Almost ALWAYS on Vachira.

  1. With guild
  2. With friends.(Likely Bartholomew Edgecutter, Kat Bluebonnet, Stpehen, or Matthew Fireskull, or Joshua Coalskull)
  3. Darkheart
  4. Tormenta
  5. El Patron's Mines
  6. Devil Root
  7. Cannoneering, on a public ship on andaba, or Joshua Coalskull's ship.

If she is not in either of these, she is:

A) Not Online


C) ,Fiddling with glitches.

D), or invasions. Savada server, but if not, doing invasion with guild.


These are the friends i can remember on POTCO

Me, Matt, Step, and George

  1. Slappy - We were friends before he started spamming, when he was an admin.
  2. Kat Bluebonnet and Stpehen - Tormenta, darkhart, devil root etc. spend most of my time with one or the other
  3. Joshua Coalskull - JZF
  4. Lovely Lisa - Friend that used to be in Shadowclan.
  5. Audelito - Old friend that used to be in ETC, kicked out when his brother said some rude things.
  6. Captain Leon - Yes, THE leon, THE captian.
  7. Nathaniel Raidfury - One of my better friends in real.
  8. Enrique Sunbane - He teleports to me every 5 seconds.
  9. SeaDog - Brother of passed Matthew Fireskull.

These are all that i can remember.

Note: as the beaurocrat of this wiki, i would like to meet all of its users. Contact to try and find a time we can meet in-game.


THESE are my enemies.

  1. Xurycoo - My evil twin

People i still have to meet

Leave a message on the disscussion of this page as to when and where.

  1. Peter Stormshot
  2. Charles Swordeagle: Meet me at The Faithful Bride on Vachira at 1:00 pm Mountain Time!
  3. captain swash:meet me at the kings arm anagama i will be there at always


These are the items i wear and use.


Cutlass - Lost Sword of El Patron

Saber - Duelists Saber

Broadsword - Broadswod of the Inquisition

Cursed Blade - Plaguefire Sword


Pistol - Foul Bane Repeater

Blunderbuss - Royal Blunderbuss

Musket - N/A

Bayonet - Corsair's Bayonet


Doll - Cabal Doll

Staff - Overseer Staff


Dagger - Dagger of the Bear idol

Throwing Knives - There are 7 Famed That i have, do not remember what they are.

Sailing Items

Cannon - Marauder's Cannon Ram

Sailing Chart - Rumrunner's Sea Chart

Sailing Charm - Golden Charm

Sea Globe - Bandit's Sea Globe


Gun - Large

Grenade - Large

Cannon - Large

Dagger - Large


Shirt - Bright Red Puffy Blouse

Vest - Darkness Vest

Belt - None

Pants - Dark Black Lnen Shorts

Boots - Celtic Tall Boots

Hat - (Forgot)


Odds and Ends

Treasure Icon
Wood Carving Set2 wood carving
Flute Set2 flute
Silk Napkin Set2 silk napkin
Cursed Idol Set2 cursed idol
Shiny Rock Set2 shiny rock
Gypsy Cloth Set2 gypsy cloth
Shrunken Head Set2 shrunken head
Glass Eye Set2 glass eye
Mouse Carving Set2 mouse carving
Tiny Cage Set2 tiny cage
Peacock Feather Set2 feather
Cricket in Amber Set2 cricket
Protection Charm Set2 charm
Spices Set2 spices
Letter Opener Set2 letter
Navy Manacles Set2 manacles
Glass Trinket Set2 glass trinket
Sextant Set2 sextant
Compass Set2 compass


These are the ships that Curycoo own.

  • Storm-Sail Stallion - War Frigate
  • Star-Chaser Wrath - War Galleon
  • White Thunder - War Sloop


  • Strongest enemy faced alone: Level 50 Thrall Captain
  • Strongest boss faced alone: Level 44 Devil Root
  • Best PVP Record: 19:1
  • Rarest Weapon Ever Found: Lost Sword of El Patron
  • Most Leveling in one day: 9 Gun, 3 Doll, 4 Sword, 2 Notoriety
  • Best Invasion: 7235 rep, A LOT of enemies killed, alone with one other person.
  • Least amount of people to kill rage ghost: 4
  • most enemies killed in 1/2 hour: 673
  • Highest Leaderboard Position (Enemies Killed): 16th place with 1740 killed
  • Highest Leaderboard Position (Ships Sunk): 91st place with 107 sunk
  • Invasiions: 164
  • QARs: 43
  • Fleets: 12


  • Elite Thunder Co. - Founder
  • "Nasty Co." - Member
  • Bricks and Stones - Member
  • Chicks - Officer

Fan Creations

Curycoo is, or was selected as the Featured Article of the Week!

Le Mère is El Patron's worst rival, a french woman sworn to the side of The Lost Matrix. Le Mère was there when El Patron Died. She is the reason that the ghost form is so short. She got inhabited by the curse of El Patron, and was permanently turned into a ghost. She liked The idea of being a ghost, because she could live forever. But life soon became tiresome for Le Mère, and she decided to spread the curse upon her Best Weapons...

The Weapons

When Le Mère got tired of life, She put her soul into her 11 best weapons. These are the weapons that she Inhabited.

The Swords

These swords belonged to Le Mère.

Le Cuttlass de la Tempête

This is the cutlass used by Le Mère. It Was an assassin's Cutlass before it was changed.

Attack: 49

Abilities: Ghost Form Rank 5, Not in the face Rank 5, Hack Boost +3

Rarity: Legendary

Gold Value: 1500 Gold

Le Saber de Glace

This is the Saber used by Le Mère. It Was a Duelists Saber.

Attack: 37

Abilities: Ghost Form Rank 5, Masters Riposte Rank 5, Brawl Boost +3

Rank: Legendary

Gold Value: 1200 Gold

Le Broadsword de Tonnerre

This is the Broadsword used by Le Mère. It was a War Broadsword.

Attack: 57

Abilities: Ghost Form Rank 5, Sweep Boost +5

Rank: Legendary

Gold Value: 3000 Gold

The Guns

These are the guns that were used by Le Mère

Le pistolet de vie

This was the pistol used by Le Mère. Before the translation, it was a Holy Pistol.

Attack: 67

Abilities: Ghost Form Rank 5, Nature Aura Rank 5

Rank: Legendary

Gold Value: 2000 Gold

Le fusil de la mort

This is a musket. It was a Rober Baron Musket.

Attack: 70

Abilities: Ghost Form Rank 5, Dark Aura Rank 5

Rank: Legendary

Gold Value: 5000 Gold

L'épeé de la terre

This is the Bayonet belonged to Le Mère. It used to be a Royal Navy Bayonet

Attack: 68

Abilities: Ghost Form Rank 5, Stun Shot Rank 5

Rank: Legendary

Gold Value: 4500 Gold

Le tromblon de plasma

This Blunderbuss was under the possession of Le Mère. It was transformed from a grand blunderbuss.

Attack: 180

Abilities: Ghost Form Rank 5, Take Aim Boost +5

Rank: Legendary

Gold Value: 7000 Gold

The Voodoo

These voodoo items were owned by Le Mère.

Voodoo Doll d'acier

This was the far binder doll that belonged to Le Mère.

Attack: 80

Abilities: Ghost Form Rank 5, Evil Eye Rank 5

Rank: Legendary

Gold Value: 3400 Gold

L'équipe de Voodoo de lumière

This was Le Mère's Skeletal Staff.

Attack: 76

Abilities: Ghost Form Rank 5, Wither Boost +5

Rank: Legendary

Gold Value: 5000 Gold

The Dagger

This dagger belongs to Le Mère.

Le poignard des ténèbres

This Duelists Dagger belongs to Le Mère

Attack: 40

Abilities: Ghost Form Rank 5, Ghost Form Boost +5

Rank: Legendary Gold Value: 2100 Gold



Rose Crestfellow








Emily Fireskull

Eliza Creststeel

Lone Jack Warshout



"NO! You may NOT steer my War Frigate!!!"

"Do you know the muffin man?"

"Was that a joke, or am i going to have to kill you?"


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