Cursed gun's are a set of famed and This Set is a idea for future

legendary guns theres a total of 5 Weapon set. Please in comment

Cursed guns each gun has a skill rank it 1 - 10. Thank you for reading.

that is a cursed shot after enough

enemy hits it will be fully loaded for it

then it gives you 5 cursed bullets

4 are famed 1 is legendary here are the names

Davy Jones pistol (famed) Skill's: cursed bullet rank 1 take aim: rank 2 power:66

Jolly Roger's pistol (famed) Skill's: cursed bullet rank 2 take aim: rank 3 Power:76

Jack Sparrow's pistol (famed) Skill's: cursed bullet rank 3 take aim: rank 4 Power:86

Black Beard's Pistol (famed) Skill's: cursed bullet rank 4 take aim: rank 5 power:96

Barbossa's Cursed Pistol (Legendary) Skill's: Cursed bullet rank 5 take aim: rank 6 Power:106

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