Here is a list of the current/previous Lord Marshals, or, leaders, of the EITC. This should clear up any confusion with who was and was not an OFFICIAL EITC leader.

The First Leader

The first leader starts with the creation of the East India Trading Company, and the vision of two men. The GM and overall original master of the East India Trading Company was Pablo Swordmaster. And so here the list starts.

The List

Pablo Swordmaster

  • 1694 - 1702
  • Created the EITC Caribbean Branch
Lord Swordmaster

Lord Pablo Swordmaster.

Samuel Redbeard

  • 1702 - 1709
  • 1723 - 1736
  • 1737 - 1744
  • Co-Creator of the EITC Caribbean Branch
Lord Marshal Samuel

Benjamin Macmorgan

  • 1709 - 1716
  • 1736 - 1737
  • Created the Co. Empire
Benjamin macmorgan king of awesome

Benjamin Macmorgan, Founder of The Co. Empire, Previous Lord Marshal

Captain Leon

  • 1716 - 1723
  • Re-organized the EITC after the fall of the Co. Empire
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