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Williamson in Cuba, 1678

Cuba Founder - Lee Williamson

Born : May 18, 1651

Died : August 7, 1716

Founded Cuba : April 8, 1678

Lee's Early Life

Lee Williamson lived a small life in England. He was mostly on a ship for his life. We was a map maker for a captain starting when he was 8. He studied mostly the World and nothing but it. When Williamson came back from A trading voyage he heard about the new world amoung us. A lot of people were talking about an island with food and shelter. William knew the ocean well, he knew the sea well. In 1677 he took he and his 2 brothers alone to what was to be the Rich islands. The williamson brothers were the toughest sea fighters in England, they had made many sea visists and ports. They sailed across the ocean until they were lost. all they wanted was the new Land. They were sailing one day when they came across a small island the size of 3 ship of the lines. They then Ported. The island was very small. There was a huge swamp with trees with big hairy lumps at the bottom. They then named it the Cuba Island. They then made forts. They stayed for 5 weeks alone until they're Father the Chief arrived with 30 passengers. Most were house builders. They constructed few buildings, they also explored into the swamp where they made a house. Unfortunatley the island was very small and the trees were too small

Lee Williamson & Cuba

Lee had a long life in front of him. His brother left the island early with a small Frigate ship he made. Nobody saw him again. He and his brother stayed for a while then left back to England to tell the king. When they arrived back in England 4 years after they ported in Cuba Island. They had told the king about the Expedition they had. The king had giving them word that other islands were about to be discovered, he said people in Ireland had made a rumor saying an island close to Port Royal was made. Cuba was no where near Port Royal. Williamson died at sea where he belonged, on a unfortunate sailing journey to Padres Del Fuego. People say Williamson is the finest sailor there is. But you never know when the sails of English ships are whistling to Cuba.

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