Shadow Eagle Crew


Welcome to the official page for the crew of the Shadow Eagle! Here you can find out information about the crew as well as ranks.


  • The Shadow Eagle is a War Frigate, captained by Captain Shadow Sail.
  • The Shadow Eagle and its crew will be participating in the Royal Navy SvS Championship
  • The crew is filled with friendly people who are masters at either cannon or repairing.


Name Role / Rank Infamy Rank
King Shadow Sail Captain SvSRank7
Blackbeard First mate SvSRank7
Laus Deo Head Gunner SvSRank6
Cortez Second Head Gunner SvSRank4
Davy Hookwrecker Head Repairer SvSRank5
Robert Shipstealer Navigator / Gunner SvSRank5
William Burnmonger Repairer / Gunner SvSRank4
Lord Law Dagger Repairer / Gunner / Lookout SvSRank1
Llniea Gunner Unknown
Johnny Sea Slasher Gunner / Second Navigator SvSRank7



Coming Soon.

The Ship

  • Type: War Frigate
  • Broadsides: 10 on each side
  • Cannons: 14
  • Cargo: 16
  • Sails: 4 Main
  • Color: Normal Wood


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Screenshot 2011-09-24 14-17-51 Crew of the Shadow Eagle is in the Crew of the Shadow Eagle and will be participating in the Royal Navy SvS Championship.


The crew does not spend all their time on the ship, you may also find them at their island ILe D'Etable de Porc, Levica. The island was bought for the crew of the Shadow Eagle about 10 years ago when Shadow said they needed a place to just have fun other than the actual boat. Though the transaction took over a year, Shadow says it was worth it. You may find the members of Shadow's crew here when not svsing.

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