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The Council of Brunswick-Lüneburg is a council called forth by King George II of Great Britain (John Breasly) who calls out to allied powers, and enemies of Spain. Spain has become a corrupt hell-hole, supporting the Inquisition, harassing surrounding neighbours, and attempting to steal the New World from our fingers. We must act if we are to save Pirates Online. Pirates, British, French, Spanish Rebels.... we must all unite for the common good. Peace is clearly not an option with the overlord, King Philip V (Pearson Wright a.k.a. Sir Carlos Clemente a.k.a. Francis Chiphawk a.k.a. Hector Wildhayes a.k.a. Gaius Julius Caesar).


Wanted Attendees

  • British
    • King George Augustus II of England (John Breasly)
    • Chancellor of the Exchequer, Lord Andrew Mallace (Lord Mallace)
    • Prime Minister, Lord Johnathan Goldtimbers (Johnny Goldtimbers)
    • First Lord of the Admiralty, Lord Matthew Marcus Anthony Faye I (Matthew Blastshot)
    • First Sea Lord Johnathan Francis Anthony O'Reilly (Johnny Coaleaston)
    • Second Sea Lord Jackson Pistolet (Jack Pistol)
    • Third Sea Lord Nathaniel Garland Pond (Sven Daggersteel)
    • Fourth Sea Lord Maximillius Markus Beckett (Maxamillion)
    • Director of the EITC, Lord Samuel Percival Arthur Aberforth Harrington (Samuel Harrington)
  • Pirate
    • Stephen O'silver (Stpehen)
    • Katherine Bluebonnet (Kat Bluebonnet)
    • Bobby Moon, Guildmaster of Moon's Crew (Bobby Moon)
    • Chistopher Crane, Guildmaster of Hermit Rangers (Chris Swordbones)
    • Captain James Logan (Captain Jim Logan)
    • Captain John Fatbeart (Captin John Fatbeart)
    • Will Cabinburn
  • French
    • King Louis XVI (Jack Bluehawk)
    • Marie Antoinette (Marie Antoinette)
    • Princess Lisabeth (Elizabeth Pondbellows)
  • Russian
    • Tsar Vladimir Pyotr Aleksandr Romanov (Lord Jeremiah Garland)
    • Prince Mikhail Sebastian Aleksandr Volkov (Roger Decksteel)
    • Patriarchate & Grand Duke of Moscow Venyamin Pyotr Makmorgn (Benjamin Macmorgan)
    • Princess Ekaterina Mariya Romanov (Stormwalker)
  • Austria-Hungary
    • King Charles III (Jeremiah Stormwash)
  • Prussia
    • Frederick the Great (Francis Bluehawk)
  • Italy
    • King Ombra Vela (Captain Shadow Sail)
    • Principe Kortoz (Cortez)
  • Japan (Foreign negotiations)
    • Emperor David Gunfish (Davy Gunfish)
  • The Balkhans/Belgium/Netherlands
    • Koning Jaerdsoon van Oranje (Jarod)
  • Spain (Allied Rebel Ambassadors)
    • Unknown guy Johnny Goldtimbers found (King Juan Carlos I of Spain)

To the Death, Tis War.

Please state in which direction you plan to go, whether it is diplomatic solutions with Spain, or the continued war.

Great Britain: War

Pirate Nations:






Japan (Foreign Relations):

The Balkhans/Belgium/Netherlands:

Spain (Allied Rebel Ambassadors):

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