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Council of 1st Enlightenment was a Council hosted by King George Augustus II in 1735. It decided the beginning of the society known as The Foundation.


Person Title(s)

King George Augustus II

Arch-Treasurer and Prince Elector of the Holy Roman Empire
King of Great Britain & Ireland
Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg
Duke and Marquess of Cambridge
Earl of Milford Haven
Peter "the Great" I Tsar of Russia
Duke of Estonia
Duke of Livonia
Lord Johnathan Goldtimbers Duke of Edinburgh
Duke of Earl
High Lord of the EITC Caribbean Branch
Fifth-in-Command of the Royal Navy
Governor of Padres del Fuego
Captain Christopher "Swordbones" Crane Captain of the Black Demon
1st Enlightened One
King Charles VI King of Hungary
King of Croatia
King of Bohemia
Holy Roman Emperor
Archduke of Austria
Duke of Guastalla
Duke of Parma
Duke of Piacenza
Duke of Brabant
Duke of Limburg
Duke of Lothier
Duke of Luxembourg
Count of Flanders
Count of Hainaut
Count of Namur
Lord Samuel Arthur Percival Aberforth "Redbeard" Harrington Duke of Manchester
First Sea Lord of the French Navy
Lord Marshal of the EITC Caribbean Branch
Head of the Black Guard
Third-in-Command of the Royal Navy
High Warlock
Governor of Avarrokka
Governor of Fort Righteous
Lord Matthew Marcus Anthony "Blastshot" Faye I Duke of York
First Sea Lord of the Royal Navy
Viceroy of Denmark
Governor of Port Tariff
Captain of the HMS Victory
Lord of the EITC Caribbean Branch
Head of the House of Lords
Lord Robert Macmonger Duke of Dover
Diplomat between Great Britain and the Ottoman Empire
Second Sea Lord of the Royal Navy
Captain of the HMS Endeavour
Lord of the EITC Caribbean Branch
Lord Caddius Archibald Bane Duke of Liverpool
High Lord of the EITC Caribbean Branch
Captain of the HMS Imperial
King Frederick "the Great" II King of Prussia
Elector of Brandenburg
Prince of Neuchâtel
Prince of East Frisia
King Louis "Bluehawk" XV King of France
King of Navarre
Dauphin of France
Jaques "Swordmenace" Goldtimbers I Duke of Paris
Regent King of France
Admiral of the French Navy
Pirate King of the 6th Brethren Court
King Philip "Clemente" V King of Spain
King of Naples
King of Sardinia
King of Sicily
Duke of Anjou
Duke of Milan
Louis "Chiphawk" I Regent King of Spain
Prince of Asturias
Prince Frederick "Darkskull" Prince of Wales
Duke of Cornwall
Duke of Rothesay
Lord James "Mcroberts" Fitz Duke of Liria
Duke of Berwick
Duke of Xavia
James "Jim" Logan Pirate King of the 5th Brethren Court


The following transcript is written from a Swiss scribe.

There is a large, circular room. There are sixteen desks, and one shackled chair, surrounding a circular depression in the centre of the room. In the chair, is Christopher "Swordbones" Crane. One desk is not occupied, and King George Augustus II stands in the centre of the room.

King George Augustus II: My fellow men of power, I have called you here for one reason.

Louis "Chiphawk" I: One reason!? I couldn't go on vacation because of one reason?

Lord James "Mcroberts" Fitz: Now now, Louis, let's hear him out.

King George Augustus II: Yes. As I was saying (glare at Lous "Chiphawk" I) I have called you here for one reason. Enlightenment.

Lord Samuel Arthur Percival Aberforth "Redbeard" Harrington: I have been enlightened enough in my life!

Lord Johnathan Goldtimbers: Silent!

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