Protecting Cortola

The purpose of the Cortolian army is to keep Cortola a fun, safe server for pirates, and to also bring a little more life to it by hosting special events. The Cortolian army was formed by guildmaster and clan leader Lord Carlisle.

What Does the Cortolian Army Do?

The Cortolian army helps out on the Cortola server. They give all pirates a helping hand, whether somebody needs help with a quest, directions, or just wants to chat. They also host events such as races, PVP tournaments, SVS tournaments, Poker Nights, etc. All are welcome to attend.

Threat of Pears

Another purpose for the Cortolian army is to protect Cortola from the grasp of Pears and other power-hungry pirates.

Guilds Involved

Special Ops ~ Guildmaster Peter Hookburn

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