Server Cortola is a Server Server

Cortola is a great server that is ideal but peaceful and has almost never got lag. Cortola is the server that the guild The Divinity has taken residence in, defending it specifically from Pears. It is The server of the Rouge Firewalkers. It is also the HQ of the International Trading Bank. The Wave jumped over Cortevos and continued again on this server, but lost some of its momentum so the wave started to decrease in size in the Impact.


These pirates LOVE Cortola!


These Guilds have made Cortola their home.

  • The Divinity
  • Rouge Firewalkers

Fan Locations

These locations are on Cortola

  • Castello di Shadow ~ Shadow's house. Along with that, Shadow has many other houses / HQ's on this server.

Fan Companies

These companies are on Cortola

  • Almost all of Shadow's companies are located on this server.


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