Myself with Major Winchester, a surgeon in my unit.

This is the biography of Corporal John "Klinger" Winters, I Corps Medical Department, 4077 MASH.


I was born on a Royal Dutch Marine Base in Ireland on Thursday, July 4, 1710 or 11 (The birth records are a little unreliable) , my father being a Colonel and Count (a title I was able to claim myself) and my mother a Countess from Ireland. I was a small child, and was nearly fatally sick several times. Every time I almost died but pulled through with my strength and resolve increased by one hundred fold! Around the age of five my father was transferred to England to command a reserve Battalion and I was raised there with less sickness until I turned 13.

Frightful Crossing

A little after I turned 13 my father was transfered once again to live out his days in Port Royal. As we approached a small island a frigate launched showing Dutch colours that were swiftly retired for a pirate banner. They promplty fired at us. Seeing the shot slam into the ship I snapped. My dad took over and I gave orders that potentially saved the ship, at one point I picked up a musket and shot bag and fought off the pirates that were starting to board our vessel. Some time while I was shooting a pirate took a hostage so I bounced a shot off a pan and hit the scoundrel in the shoulder allowing his hostage to run him through with a sabre. The fighting continued for several hours before we eventually crawled behind the British vessels guarding the Port. My father ans several officer nominated me amongst others for eventual officerships ad medals. I donned a Royal Marine Cadet uniform with Captains bars and proudly revived a Royal Marine Medal of Commendation with a letter for extreme valour and an officer sabre for leadership potential.


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