Today June 4, 1722 palladin lord roger mcbellows announced something big. He says that at the start of summer he will return and gather his forces. While waitingthey are completing 4 vital steps. these steps are not announced to the public. Roger Mcbellows also says that he shall clean this game of EITC. He says that ALL EITC will fall. Who ever stands in the way will be crushed. Watch out EITC! WERE BACK!!!!!!!! Sweden-flagKung John Macleve högt på Av Sverige Translation King John Macbatten of Sweden 22:42, June 4, 2011 (UTC)John Macbatten

Guilds who are helping Elite Palladins GM-Roger Mcbellows Sweden Empire GM-John Macbatten Hates of the EITC GM- Halle Feel free to add guild

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