Eitc ship Colour Sargeant Nick Sharkhayes is in the EITC First Division!

Nikolai Sharkhayes

Nick was born in

Sgt. Nickolai Sharkhayes


He was in the navy for one year and quit, and started a life of piracy . His arch enemy John Mcskull, tried to make people hate him by sabotaging the first shock division.

He was recruited into The Twenty First Regiments Light Company in 1744, and served with Major Richard Venables the commander of the Light Company. He Was made a Lance Coporal in 1745.

He was promoted to the rank of Sargeant after the adventures in The Story of Richard Venables: The Lost Chapters.


Joseph McSkull


Lt General Richard Venables-Closest Friend and commanding officer.

Lt. Colonel Ishamel Venables-Most trusted friend and commanding officer.

Sam Yellowfoote


Vida Del Pirata

The Sharkhayes League

Leena Dark Rose

David Stormskull


Caitlin Rose
The Rookies First Siege

Venables and Sharkhayes holding the line at Calcutta


My home is in Calcutta. I left my family to serve in the EITC. My good friend, Lieutenant General Richard Venbles, gave me the position of British native affairs at the EITC offices in Calcutta.


Nikolai the Feared (Brother)

Borya Palachnik (Brother)

Mom: unknown

Dad: unknown

Known Decendants:

Derek Westbrook (1744-)

Peter MacTavish (1745-)

Lee Enfield (1745-)

Lee's Godfather: Major Venables

Peter's Godfather: Major Venables

Derek's Godfather: Major Venables

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