Cold Blooded

Cold Blooded was founded in the Summer of 2010 by Prototype and was originally intended to be a "Jumper" guild. Prototype had other interests, and handed the title of Guildmaster to Kate Bladefury. After some time, Kate then named Dog Chainfury Guild master, as he remains today. Although Kate is no longer GM, she is highly respected, and is recognized as the Co-Guild Master of Cold Blooded. Cold Blooded is a family, and is full of wonderful people who are willing to help anyone, with anything, whether it a KO, a quest, or an extra hand at sea!

Notable Officers

  • Kate Bladefury
  • Meg Scurvyskull
  • Enrique Blastslipper
  • Arlette Redhawk
  • Chewy McGraw
  • Sam Hookskull
  • Caitlin Rose
  • Will

Brethren Council

The Brethren Council is a group of Officers within Cold Blooded.

The founders of the Council are Sam Hookskull, and Jeremiah Scurvyskull.

Members of The Brethren Council Of CB

  • Sam Hookskull
  • Jeremiah Scurvyskull
  • Arlette Redhawk
  • Swashbuckler (AKA American Hunny)
  • Mermantelope
  • Elizabeth
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