Guild Userbox ImageEITC Co. United is a EITC Guild in Pirates of the Caribbean Online.

Known Members

Matthew Blastshot - Leader/Lord


· Lord ( Head )

· Admiral

· Vice admiral

· General

· Commander

· Lieutenant

· Commodore

· Private

· Soldiers

· Sailors



Guild is loyal to The Great Kingdom of England and is allied with the Royal Navy and The East India Trading Company


· Lord - Anything he wishes

· Admiral - dealer shirt with black pants black boots and admiral hat and embellished vest

· Vice admiral - Admiral hat with white shirt and grey pants and vest

· General - Admiral hat Gray coat with a vest and dealer shirt boots and pants

· Commander - Admiral hat with grey pants white shirt and vest

· Lieutenant - Anything formal

· Commodore - Anything formal

· Private - Anything

· Soldiers - Anything

· Sailors - Sea clothing

Ships (Trading)

At This Time ships are Unknown

Ships (War)

At This Time ships are Unknown



The enemies of the guild are pirates and those who dare betray England.

Enemy Guilds

none as of yet


God leads us to hell and back


The Guild's flag is the British Flag to honour the King



The Guild was created on 10/12/10 by Matthew Blastshot and is currently developing


The Leader is Matthew Blastshot. His level is 11 however he is cruel and Powerful. He Is The brother Of Lord Cutler Beckett of The East India Trading Company. He studied at the University of England and has a major in military tactics. He is a former member of His Royal Majesty’s Navy. He is know the Feared Leader of The East England Trading Co.


None as of yet

Code to Join


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