The Shadow Knights... Who are they? what is there role in the caribbean and elsewhere? Why is there no witnesses of there said efficiency? All that is answered here.


the shadow knights main role is to serve the head of the EITC, and the King as the secret service but in times of war, however the serve as assassins, light infantry commanders, elite light infantry, etc. they are specifically trained in there most talented areas as snipers, medics, vanguards,engineers, and recon. most members come from special ops, other branchs of the Black coats Guild Alliance and Rarely, Gifted Navy and EITC soldiers.

legally shown members

  • Stallion-leader/Grand General
  • Billy Hexhead-Commandant
  • John Goldtooth-Grand Admiral
  • Sky Lane-Captain
  • Beck Strongheart-Captain/Faction Commander:Sentinals
  • Dr.Overbuild-Commander/Faction commander:Assembly
  • Baron Tyranus-Admiral
  • Vanda Darkflame - General/Faction commander:paradox
  • Hael Storm-Captain/Faction Commander:Venture league


the shadow knights are also using as researchers for certain subjects that might benifit there cause usually they are only done one at a time the current operation is operation Syren and it consists of expierenced mercenary sailors, expert scholars, and a few medics, plus the shadow knight operation force

it has to do with mermaids,mermen,and similier if you would like to devote knowledge to help the projects completion please say so


factions are the teams/battalions you can join so far there are four

Sentinals-the sentinals are mainly soldiers who use brute force and big weapons to there advantage and are the main infantry body of the guild

Paradox (not the guild)-the Paradox specialze in researching there enemies weakness and using it to there advantage they are the main researchings are somtimes intelligence and scouts of the guild

Assembly-the assembly are builders who create weapons to have devastating effects on there enemies and are the main heavy artillery troops

Venture League-the Venture league is for the soldiers with alot of curiosity and scout unxplored areas for anything that will help the guild in future battle or occupation there,the venture league is the exploration and navy body of the guild


  • Private
  • Corporal
  • Lieutenant
  • Seargeant
  • Captain
  • Commander
  • Admiral
  • Grand Admiral
  • Commandant
  • Grand General
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