Co. KILLERS Former Members



Chris Cannonhawk

Jack Squidbones

Jack Stormhawk

Jack Swordmonger

Mark Hooksmythe

Mark Plunderbreaker

Nathaniel O'bain


The Co. KILLERS is a guild that is unlike other guilds because it has no Captain. When the previous leader, Captain Jones resigned he didn't disband the guild. Instead he abandoned his guildmembers and left his 9 officers without a leader or any members. Most guild members left after his resignation, but now the guild is begining to regain it's lost forces.

The guild is great for pirates of any level to join. If you need help with a quest, or just want a crew to help you out with a treasure fleet, an invasion, or even sinking some EITC ships, other guild members will be happy to help you

The Guild has since disbanded.

To apply for membership e-mail the lead recruitment officer Chris Cannonhawk at

For more information visit our website at

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