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On June 25, 1744, Lord Jeremiah Garland of the Co. Black Guard met with King John Macbatten of the Sweden Empire. Garland's request: temporary peace.

The Truce

Garland, an officer of the Co. Black Guard, along with his bodyguard, Kenny, and friend, James MacDougal, met with King John Macbatten of Sweden and many of his guildmembers. They met in King's Arm, Tortuga, Abassa, at approxamately 12:30 p.m. on June 25. Sweden declaring war with England caught the Co. Black Guard somewhat off guard, and seeing they are one of the most powerful guilds allied with England, they needed some time. Garland asked Macbatten for a temporary ceasefire for both sides, allowing each side to build up, ready their armies, discuss strategy, and become organized. At first Macbatten declined, but Garland eventually cajoled him into agreeing. They agreed the ceasefire will last for five days:

CEASEFIRE: From Saturday, June 25, to Thursday, June 30.

Do note that this ceasefire is only between the Co. Black Guard and the Sweden Empire. Therefore, these guilds will not take part in any battle with any other guild during the ceasefire. If any other guilds allied with either Sweden or England also wish to join the ceasefire, they may do so. However, please know that this is a time to ready ourselves for further fighting, and no battles will be allowed. Thank you.

Best regards, Sir Jeremiah N. Garland II, MBE, of England Lord of the EITC and Officer of the Co. Black Guard

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