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[[File:Black_Officers_seal.gif|thumb|257px|The seal of the Co. Black Guard guild.]]
[[File:Black_Officers_seal.gif|thumb|257px|The seal of the Co. Black Guard guild.]]
This guild is the main EITC guild. It currently has around 100 members in it and is growing stronger by the day. Along with being the main guild of the EITC, it is also the main guild of the Elite Black Force. Many famous EITC Officers have been or are currently in this guild, such as: Lord Marshal Samuel Redbeard, Lord Johnny Goldtimbers, Lord Cad Bane, Jeremiah Stormwash, Supreme Lord Giratina Origin Forme, and King John Breasly. The guild motto in latin is ''"Una nos increbresco obvius sapentia nos fides!". ''That's latin for "Together we prevail, in the wisdoms we trust."
'''Guild Ranking System:'''
Junior Cadet
Lord -- Leader

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Guild Userbox ImageEITC Co. Black Guard is a EITC Guild in Pirates of the Caribbean Online.

The Co. Black Guard is a military guild under rule of Lord Marshal Samuel Redbeard.


The Co. Black Guard was not always led by Samuel Redbeard. At one time, it belonged to the most famous member in the game, Lord Leon. After a plot had been formed to the knowledge of Lord Leon, he decided to turn the guild over to Samuel. He had had enough of the Wanna Bee EITC. The guild was under the control of Samuel Redbeard.

Black Officers seal

The seal of the Co. Black Guard guild.


Notable Members

The Redeem Code for this guild is: CLASSIFIED

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