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Welcome to Clubheart Industries


- Chairman: Mark Clubheart

- Second in Command: Highest ranked officer in guild

- Chief Manager: Second highest ranked officer in guild

- Managers: Officers

- Supervisors: Veterans

- Miners: Prisoners of War

- Sailors: Members

- Captains: Officers

- Traders: All officers


- Cursed Titan

- Gun Fury

- Wind- Racer Wrath

- 100 - 200 more ships


- Outposts: Port Royal, Cutthroat Isle, KingsHead

- Offices: Graham Marsh Importers, Flatts and Flatts Importers, Garrets Imports and Exporters

- Trade Route: Smuggler's Run


- Pork and Potions: To heal and upgrade your body.

- Legendary Weapons: Weapons that are made of pure darkness and are unstoppable.

- Edvanced War Brig: Upgraded with the the thickest armor, very fast speed, and cannons which deliver extreme damage to any ship.

- Triple Guns: 3 cannons strapped together, delivering a powerful blow, which only a advanced War Brig could withstand.

- Vodoo Cannonball: A cannonball which is powered by voodoo.

- Explosive Roundball: The most dangerous, and destructive cannnonball of them all.

- Vodoo technology: Stuff, such as a holograms powered by vodoo.

- Lamp: Invented, so with one click you can see without using a candlelight, which could cause fire.

Sponsors and Stock Holders:

- Supreme Emperors

- Mark Clubheart 40%

- John Fireskull 20%

- Kat Firemoris 10%

- Geroge 10%

-Spy Pirate 10%


- SE. Co

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