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I would like to inform the general part of the Wiki community, that I did NOT ban-dodge.

That is an absolutely, equivical, lie.

I accepted my ban on this wiki, and moved on. For the past several month am I had been a reasonably active user on the Pirates Online Wiki. On one of the days I was on the Wiki, I decided to check the POTCO Wiki, just to see what was going on in the "dissolved", role-play world.

I checked my user-page, and saw that I wasn't banned. I decided to check the only account whose password I actually remembered, "Prince Leon of England".

Kat Bluedog informed me that I would be able to edit on the wiki, but not on James.

I asked her, and several other Administrators, to ban him.

For the last time, I did not ban-dodge.

Note: For the people like David Shiprat, who feel the need to support my ban because of past occurrences, read closely.


You vote based on the present facts.

-Lord Leon (I know this is rushed, and hardly eloquent, but I am about to board a plane)

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