City of Il

The City of IL Nautillea (COIN) is a grand city built in the Caribbean. The city is located in Guines on Padres Del Fuego. The city encompasses the entire island using each bit of land for different purposes. The city is governed and populated by The Order of Nautillus but is open to residence, visiting and business from all people of the Caribbean. Because the city is so self-sufficient their is no taxation system.

City of Il Nautillea

Painico imperiale

City History


The city is named after a notable member of The Order of Nautillus who founded the guild, IL Nautillea or more commonly known as Nicholas Nikolai. Jack Pistol, the current governor of the city built the city on July 30, 1744 to stimulate the growth and economy of the guild, make a greater area of residence and commercial activity for the guild and to honor the guild's founder, Nicholas Nikolai. He bought the land from a friend of the guild, Zeke. Zeke, a good friend, willingly sold Jack the land.

The construction of the city was made possible by the wealth generated in the Nautillean Mines. The Nautillean Mine located inside Beckett's Quarry had generated a lot of commercial activity, trading and job oppurtunities on the island which caused the expanison of the islands docks and infrastructure. With more people moving to the island to either work in the mines, as traders or as new businesses the island kept growing until Jack Pistol eventually decided to completely revamp the island.

City of Il Nautillea

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City Council


The city council ensures the smooth running of city and its activity. The governor is the head of the city and the council helps him run it. One of the 6 councillors is elected Council Chairman and he runs the council. Members of the guild will most likely get preference for a position over a non-guild member but residents of the city who aren't in the guild may apply.

The offices of the City Council are located in the Upper Class Area in the town hall.


Governor: Jack Pistol

Council Chairman: Edgar Wildrat

Councilor of Commerce: Vacant

Councilor of Mining: Edgar Wildrat

Councilor of Trade: Simon Redskull

Councilor of Residence: Jason Yelloweagle

Councilor of Security: Chris Swordbones

Councilor of Agriculture: Vacant

City of Il Nautillea

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City Defense

Lines of Defense

The city has several lines of defense put in place to protect the residents, businesses and visitors. The Councilor of Security is in charge of the city defense.

Lines of Defense Include:

  • The City Guard - The City Guard are a group of militia that are either members of the Nautillean Military or residents of the city who signed up to protect their home. They protect the town from danger and enforce law and order.
  • The City Fleet - The City Fleet consists of 10 warships in the harbor of the island that protect the city from oncoming naval dangers.
  • Fort Guines - Formerly known as Fort Dundee, Fort Guines was redesigned and stationed with several able soldiers of The City Guard and the Nautillean Military. It overlooks the town and harbor.
  • IL Nautillea Garrison - The IL Nautillea Garrison is a large garrison inside the caves and volcano of teh island. It is a safe area for civillians when the town is under attack. It overlooks the mines in the volcano and parts of the agricultural area on the island.

City Guards

The city guards are either residents who sign up to protect their city or members of The Nautillean Military stationed in the city.

Councilor of Security: Chris Swordbones

Garrison Commander: Chris Swordbones

Fort Guines Commander: Vacant

General of the Guards: Vacant

Captain of the Mine Guards: Vacant

Captain of the City Guards: Vacant

Captain of the Night Guards: Vacant

Garrison Guards:

  • Vacant

Fort Guines Guards:

  • Vacant

Mine Guards:

  • Vacant

City Guards:

  • Vacant

Night Guards:

  • Vacant

City Fleet

The City Fleet consists of 10 warships in the harbor of the island that protect the city from oncoming naval dangers. The flagship of this small fleet is the Green Rebel, a War Frigate owned by Jack Pistol.

Admiral of The Fleet: Vacant

Vice Admiral: Vacant

Captains (10):

Mariners (Many):

  • Vacant

Ships of the Fleet (10):

  • Green Rebel, Captained by Jack Pistol
  • Vacant

Garrison Il Nautillea

Garrison IL Nautillea is the center of al defense on the island. It starts on the outskirts of the western part of the island and stretches throughout the volcano into parts of the Nautillean Mines and ends just before the lush lands of El Sudoron. The garrison includes several barracks some small rooms and safehouses for residents if the town is attacked and a few offices of the including the Councillor of Defense's office and a hidden office for private meetings of the city council if the city is under attack.

Garrison Commander: Vacant

Garrison Lieutenant: Vacant

Garrison Guards:

  • Vacant

Fort Guines

Fort Guines is the smaller of the two fortifications built on the island, the larger being IL Nautillea Garrison. It is located on a hill overlooking the main part of the town. It's primary purpose is to fire at enemy ships using cannons along its walls, to be a headquarters for the City Guard that patrol only the city part of the island and to overlook the town and ensure order is kept.

Fort Commander: Vacant

Fort Lieutenant: Vacant

Fort Guards:

  • Vacant

City of Il Nautillea

Painico imperiale

Residential Areas

The city has a large residential area to keep up with all the visitors, residents and workers in the city. The residential area is split up into the lower class area, the middle class and the upper class area. Members of the island guard stay in barracks but may request a home for their families and days off. Members of The Order of Nautillus and certain special do not have to buy their houses but the rest have to buy there houses for a reasonable price by paying poker money to a noob of Jack Pistol ( this is so that nobody can hand out roleplay money in comments and then suddenly everyone is in the upper class area).

Please speak to the Governor, Jack Pistol, Councilor of Residence, Jason Yelloweagle or Council Chairman, Edgar Wildrat if you would like a residence.

Upper Class Area

The upper class area is located towards the center of the city on a higher terrain than the rest of the city. The upper class area is for the wealthy residents, royalty, polictical figures of the city and extremely wealthy merchants.

This area of the city is well-kept and heavily guarded by Nautillean Guards positioned out of the way of the citizens and personal body guards of the wealthy residents. It has a high standard of hygene and their is a doctos's office in the area for the wealthy residents. The landscape and residents gardens are also well kept and plants are able to grow thanks to the advanced irrigation system put in place, which is quite a feat for the dry volcanic island.


These are the people who have taken up one of the best residences in the city.

  • Jack Pistol - La Maison de Pistolet
  • Nicholas Nikolai -
  • Edgar Wildrat - Jo0ble
  • Chris Swordbones - La Mansión de Ermitaño
  • Jason Yelloweagle - Le Yelloweagle
  • Many more houses vacant

Places of Interest

  • Le Jardin de Riches - Le Jardin des Riches ( The Garden of the Rich ) is a park centrally situated in the Upper Class Area. The park is full of beautiful lsuh green plants and many animals that roam the grounds peacefully. The upper class residents can come here to relax as it is a very tranquil part of the city with an exceptional view of not only the bubbling volcano and the blue ship-filled harbor, but large parts of the Caribbean! There is a small coffee shop, Nautillean Cafe, in the center of the park where people can socialize and have somethign to eat and drink.
  • Nautillean Cafe - The Nautillean Cafe is a coffee shop that also sells pastries and other food and goods in the center of Les Jardin de Riches park. It is run by the guild and the guild members work in the coffee shop as an extar income. The cafe is open from early in the morning until late at night and is a fine little spot in the city.
  • Royal Avenue - Royal Avenue is the longest street in the upper class area and hosts a majority of royal residents. Royal residents chose this avenue for their home by chance and were not specifically all put there. The Eastern and Western entrances to the avenue have small gates guarded by City Guards to protect the royalty staying on the street. The street ( like all areas in the city ) is well-kept, clean and neat.
  • IL Nautillea Bath Houses - The IL Nautillea Bath Houses is a large building in the upper class area were upper class residents of the can go to relax and bathe. It is strategically built in an area where the volcano can heat the water that is then pumped inside the rooms and also alot of steam can be generated for the "sauna". There are 4 public bathing rooms which are huge and can each host 50 people and there are 30 private bathing rooms which can host a family or 1 person. Someone can either go into one of the four public bathing rooms or they can request a private bathing room.
Middle Class Area

The middle class area is located around the upper class area in the lower-lying terrains. It borders and shares some land with the business district and has many shops in the area because many residents use parts of their homes for business. The area is for the working class citizens who are not poor nor wealthy but inbetween.

Like the rest of the city an irrigation system has been put into place to make the barren land more lush. The City Guards roam the streets for public safety and to prevent crime.


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