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"Some say the Circle of Ossus is the most powerful men in the world. Others say their just scientists and alchemists. The latter is most likely, but it is known they seek a means of eternal life." -Grand Inquisitor Alain Magnan

The Circle of Ossus is a group of powerful men, who are in search for power. Not political power, no. Magical power, such as the Fountain of Youth. They started as a group of simple scientists and alchemists from remote places in Europe. When Christopher Columbus found the New World, the Circle of Ossus was one of the first peoples to settle there. They have many bases and even cities they founded!


In the lowest time of the Dark Ages, a group of rich men from the farest corners of Europe met at a small hut in a small village in what is today Germany. There, the Circle of Ossus was formed. They were originally scientists and alchemists, trying to find a cure for the black plague. After failing over and over, they finally found a cure. But, by the time it was found, generations later, the plague was almost dead. Then, they began to wonder if there was a way to beat death.... eternal life. They began scouring the Earth for a means, but found none.

Their luck came when Christopher Columbus discovered the New World. The momentword rached the Circle, at least half of them were headed to the Caribbean. There, the Caribbean Branch was formed. It's Grand Inquisitor, Alain Magnan, founded one of the most important cities in the Caribbean, Pelepio. It was the original location on the Ossuary, the base of the Circle.

After his death, the Catholic Church pursued the Circle into hiding. They now preside in swamps, not more than a day's march from Havana.


The Circle of Ossus is lead by the Council of Inquisitors. Their leader, Grand Inquisitor Goran, serves as a leader. He can veto anything, however, if the council votes against it, he must un-veto it. Their army of Boneguard is lead by the High Baron.

Member Information

Members of the Circle of Ossus are trained not only in strength, but in wit. Each member is branded with

Known Members

  • Adrian Goran ~ Grand Inquisitor
  • Jackson Redreel ~ Senior Inquisitor
  • Beret Samson ~ High Inquisitor
  • George Clore ~ Inquisitor
  • Albert Harrion ~ Inquisitor
  • Gregory Grant ~ High Baron
  • Matthew Freglin ~ Baron
  • Johnathan Marcus ~ Baron
  • Thomas Shan ~ Baron
  • Oswald Dederman ~ Boneguard Captain
  • Horatio Julies ~ Boneguard


The Circle of Ossus makes a large appearance in Into The Lion's Den, being responsible for the death of a main character.


CircleHome Circle of Ossus is a member of the Circle of Ossus.


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