The Circle of Alliances is the OFFICIAL organization of guild alliances against Pearson Wright!
The Circle of Alliances is the empire of most if not all European role-play guilds, and is currently trying to take out the Pearson Wright, and any enemies of England or Europe. This empire is initially the largest empire in the world, consisting of many European role-play based guilds. The list can be found below. This organization is meant to bring all European role-play guilds together in a large alliance against Pearson Wright who wishes nothing but to have total control over the entire game. The goals of the Circle of Alliances is to remove, peacefully or forcefully, Pearson Wright and the rebelling Brethren from the game, permanently.
CofA Emblem

The emblem of the Circle of Alliances.

The Empire

NOTE: This is for guilds, not countries.

  • Co. Black Guard
  • United Allies
  • British EITC Military
  • Empire of Russia
  • The Order of Nautilus
  • Telltale Guild(s)
  • O U T L A W S

Alliance Commanders

Governor of the Circle of Alliances—Lord Samuel Harrington

Lord Secretary of the Circle of Alliances—Lord Jeremiah Garland

Secretary—Nicholas Nikolai

Secretary—John Breasly

Secretary—Jack Pistol

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