Welcome to Christmas of the Caribbean! The title explains the story.


It was the night before Christmas, where all through the Caribbean not a pirate was plundering.... not even Jack Pistol.....

Be prepared to experience the thrills, humor, and chaos of Christmas in the Caribbean!

Chapter 1 - Christmas Eve (Morning/Afternoon)

Zeke and Jack Pistol were on a passenger ship talking about Christmas this year.

"You know, Christmas can be pretty chaotic at times." Zeke thought aloud.

"Tell me about it." replied Jack.

"So, what are your plans for Christmas this year?" asked Zeke.

In The Holy City...

Keira was putting up Christmas decorations with Mark at which he was singing "Let It Snow."

"The weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful...." he sang.

"Christmas is such a beautiful time in The Holy City, " Keira said. "Hopefully your father will be home soon."

"Don't worry mom," Mark replied as he put another string of tinsel around a tree, "He'll get here soon."

At The Eco Empire Barracks...

"Dagger, what are your plans for Christmas this year?" Knack asked.

"I dunno. Maybe I'll go over to Tanatanaka or something for the annual ship race." replied Dagger.

"YO! You guys got the tree up yet!?" yelled a familiar voice.

It was Castillo.

"WORKING ON IT!" Knack and Dagger both replied at the same time.

Meanwhile at Port Royal...

"The people have spoken, viva la resistance!" said a Cad Bane.

"You had the resistance leader hanged last week!" replied Lieutenant Greenhound.

"He was a traitor and a scoundrel," Cad responded.

"He was trying to stop you from hanging more pirates." replied Greenhound.

"That may be true, but they were traitors and scoundrels too," Cad said. "Now lets get ready for Christmas," Cad ordered.

"Sir, yes, sir!" Greenhound replied as he began setting up Christmas decorations.

Back on the ship...

"So where is the passenger ship taking you, Jack?" Zeke asked.

"Oh, I'm getting dropped off at Tortuga." Jack replied.

"I'm going all the way to The Holy City," Zeke said.

"That far?" Jack asked.

"Yeah." responded Zeke.

"Well, here's my stop, see ya 'round." Jack said.

"Bye, Merry Christmas!" Zeke replied.

The ship docked on Tortuga and left about 20 minutes later. Zeke was on the ship alone with the crew. He whistled to the tune of Jingle Bells.

About 3 hours past until he got to The Holy City.

Chapter 2 - Christmas Eve (Afternoon)

Coming soon......

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