Early Life and childhood

Charles would be born to Kayla Silverfox and Jim Logan on November 5, 1741 and would spend most of his childhood with his mother until her death several years later. a few weeks later he would meet his father for the first time, even though he quickly liked him, he would rarely speak. During a trip to France he would meet his sister Laura Logan for the first time. After returning to Port Royal he would be reunited with his mother thanks to Tia Dalma. He would spend the rest of his childhood with his family

Piracy, The Brethren Court,The Revolution and onward

After he moved out of Port Royal, he would follow his fathers footsteps and take up piracy. Then he and the Kliq would become the pirate Lords and kitty would be elected Queen. After this he would fight with the Brethren Court in helping the Colony of America fight the British in the American Revolution. After the war had ended she would move back into Paris France until the start of the French Revoultion, there the Logan Children would move into sepreate countries. His further fate is unknown

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