Lord Cevok
Cevok Rendox2
Biographical information
Dromund Kaas
3660 BBY
Isa Rendox
Narren Rendox (Biological)
Hiro Tenkin (Adoptive)
Physical description
Human (Although tested 17% Pureblood)
2.1 Meters
Hair color
Jet Black
Eye color
Orange (Sith)
Purple (Dark Side)
In-game information
Sith Inquisitor
Sith Assassin
Ebon Hawk
Chronological and political information
Sith Empire
Remnants of the Order
Dark Council
Sith Emperor
"Your power is non-existent and completely reliant on that of your allies. The code that binds your morality and actions is destructive, a propagandist device designed to drain your abilities. You are insignificant."
— Cevok while approaching the Jedi on Tython.

Cevok Rendox was born on Dromund Kaas in 3660 BBY. He had a simple life usually following occasionally orders from his father, and enjoying his leisure time with his mother. At a young age he was sold into slavery by his father to pay for his outstanding gambling debt. After several years of slave work, it was discovered that he was force-sensitive and immediately shipped to the Sith Academy to receive training. After several trials he eventually rose through the ranks of the Sith, and joined a Guild known as Remnants of the Order. Where he would battle the fallen ideologies of the Empire to introduce new ideals and embrace a solution to the infighting between the Sith.


Early Life

Cevok Rendox was born in the Kaas City General Hospital within Kaas City centered on the planet Dromund Kaas within the Dromund system. Raised by Narren and Isa Rendox, Cevok was a young adventurer and often liked to explore the vast forests of the planet. Occasionally being attacked by some of the creatures that lurked within the shadows, however he was agile enough to avoid their attacks and quick enough to escape. Narren, Cevok's Father, often gambled while his life began to decline. Drinking drinks from across the galaxy, and often getting drunk before playing cards, he would amass a massive gambling debt. Narren rarely worked at his assigned job, which was supervising a shop selling furniture. Eventually his gambling mates called on his debt and demanded they be paid, in a desperate attempt Narren secretly sold Cevok into slavery to attain funds. Cevok was now a branded slave at the age of seven.

Cevok was relocated to the city-world moon of Hutta, Nar Shaddaa. He would become the companion of a bounty hunter assisting him by running errands or preparing his master for his future contracts and missions. Cevok's master, named Hiro Tenkin, was kind and compassionate much to the slave's surprise. Hiro often treated him as a son or apprentice to his works. After three years, Hiro declared the end of Cevok's slavery, Cevok was now free. However, due to his trust and love for Hiro, he would stay with his former master, eventually being adopted by him. Cevok would still use his birth name however on official records in Nar Shaddaa he was marked as Cevok Tenkin. Cevok enjoyed the city life attending parties and working with his step-father, although he retained years old nostalgia of his adventures in Dromund Kaas, he embraced his new life.

After five more years, Cevok was growing and stood at 1.9 meters. Cevok became proficient in several skills such as crafting new weapons and armor as well as maintaining them. Some of his products would be sold for profit to provide for his family. After one year of successful living, Hiro had been assigned to assassinate a Jedi Delegate named Kaimus Marsto, from Tython to Nar Shaddaa. Cevok tagged along to observe the professional skill of his father in person. The Delegate would meet a Hutt in a cantina within the spaceport. Before the meeting, he would stay in a small hotel room nearby. Before the delegate arrived, he set up explosives in the room and left quietly. The delegate never showed, so Hiro quickly uses a taxi to arrive at the cantina just as the Hutt and Kaimus were finishing business. When Kaimus left the cantina, Hiro fired a rocket from behind and glided in front of him, while Kaimus was distracted by the rocket, Hiro attacked using a flame thrower.

Kaimus quickly force jumped, avoiding both the flames and the rocket which exploded when it hit Hiro. When the smoke cleared, Hiro's lifeless corpse covered in ashes and drenched in blood was present. The fire from the flame thrower soon ignited it. Watching this, Cevok felt a deep never felt sense of anger and hatred. Consistently getting more furious and engorging himself in rage. The power of the Dark Side has grown within him, lightning shocks soon coursed through his blood as electric bolts jumped from his skin. His eyes stained red, with a purple essence in front of them demonstrating his turn to the Dark Side. Dark energy surrounded him like a force-field, his palms were lit by spheres of lightning. He walked towards the Jedi, now terrified by Cevok's seemingly infinite power. Kaimus quickly drew his lightsaber and used the force to hurl streen signs, lamps, and other objects at Cevok. Cevok was pelted, bruised, and cut, however, the Dark Side healed his wounds and he continued walking. Lightning cracked from him destroyed the environment around him. An inferno roared from him scorching the ground with every step, Kaimus dropped his lightsaber and began to run for his life.

Cevok continued walking crushing the lightsaber under his feet as his Dark Side energy drained the essence from Kaimus slowing him, but he still had the lead. Eventually Kaimus arrived at a bridge, here Cevok rushed with force speed charging with a deafening scream that did not belong to his own voice. The Dark Lords of the past were fused with him as he drew on the complete power of the Dark Side. Cevok penetrated Kaimus' chest with a jab from his hand, his power now swelled Kaimus' and his organs began to cook. His skin melted away as his blood was boiled. His connection to the force was broken, and siphoned by Cevok, he let out a scream of intense pain, agony, and suffering. Kaimus' bones decayed away prompting him to fall to his knees with no sense of control. Cevok continued the torture of Kaimus not sparing him death until even his nerves overloaded from the torment they had endured. After several minutes, a collection of several hundred lightning bolts from around the moon converged onto Kaimus, exterminating him with no trace left behind.

Cevok stood on the bridge as the profound mist that surrounded him settled. His extraordinary powers soon faded as he calmed himself, Cevok had demonstrated his mastery of the Dark Side, and had the prowess for Sith. As the reports of this brutal encounter spread throughout the galaxy, Cevok would be moved to Korriban to begin his training.

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