Undead battle

Battle Cavern


The Cavern of Vang is located in a collapsed house in the Rat's Nest. There is a small trapdoor much like that to the Cave of Lost Souls.

Entrance Cave

When you enter the cavern, you will be on a raised wooden platform with stairs leading to the cave floor. It is extremely dark, so stay close to lanterns!

Central Cavern

After going down a narrow pass, you come out in to a large, central cavern with a rock bridge starting in the middle and connecting to a cave entrance far up. The central cavern is littered with Undead Servants, doing their everyday work, so try to avoid them. Their are many buildings and crates on the ground.

Treasure Caverns

If you go through an entrance on your left in the central cavern, you will come out to a small, round-top cave that has a lift to lower you down to different levels of the mine. On these levels are piles of gold, and at the bottom, the boss Takey Jun.

Battle Cavern

If you go through an entrance on your right of the central cavern, you will come out to a large, low-ceiling cavern full of crates, buildings, and dueling undead of all types. In the back of the cavern, you will find the boss Hamsakai.

Throne Cavern

If you head up the rock bridge in the central cavern, you will follow another narrow pass to the final and largest cavern. Within the cavern sits the boss Jing Vang on a throne of bones. To get to the trone, you must choose a ramp. There is one boss guarding each ramp. the left ramp is guarded by Kin Yang, the other is guarded by Ren Jako.

Underwater Cave

If you defeat Takey Jun, you will have access to a small cave beyond the treasure room which holds a mighty Singaporean ship used by Jing Vang, called the Scaled Serpent.


the history of the Caverns of Vang is not a friendly one. When Jing Vang came to the Caribbean from Singapore, he made it his home base in his conquest to join El Patron. The cavern was originally dug out by Vang's crew. It took a brutal 3 years to complete it. Above the cavern is a small office that Vang used to complete trades. After El Patron cursed Vang and his crew, the caverns began to host undead of all sorts.




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