These are made up ideas of fans, such as stories, ships, creatures, weapons, or characters.

These categories are for ANYTHING made up. There are also sub categories for certain types of fan creations.

  • First, it is ok to make a fan category, but only with an Admins approval. Also, if it's a MAJOR category, ask an Admin to make it for you.
  • When making a POTCO Weapon, remember to do these things :
  1. First, explain the weapon, and it's name.
  2. Explain it's abilities, and tell what kind of weapon it is.
  3. It's best to use a picture of a weapon, similar to your desired design, to show what the weapon should look like.
  4. Please do not make it over-powered. Like attack 200 or higher, or abillities that overpower it, like invincibility, or something that allows the user to be unstoppable.
  5. Try to make benefits for the weapon, when also making down-sides. This helps even the possibility of it being real. Try to emagine the weapon really in the game, and make sure it kinda pops into an idea of it being real.
  • When making a POTCO Story, remember to do these things :
  1. Introduce the characters of the story, and have likeable characters that the reader can enjoy.
  2. It is ok to add other users to stories, as long as they get a fair part of the story. For example, don't make them die really badly, or say mean things about them.
  3. Do not edit someone's Fan Story and use rude wording.

This will be updated by The Administration.

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