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&nbsp Casa di Royale, is a guild started by Carlos la Verde Sanita aka Pearson Wright. The members of this guild, are part of the royal family of Spain. The members of this guild, are also High Ranking people, that control The Spanish Armada.

The guildmaster Carlos la Verde Sanita The King of Spain now is recruiting men and soldiers for The Spanish Royale Armada. Everyone will be welcome to this armada.



The Complex- Guild Master Ben Squidskull, one of the leaders of Spanish Royale Armada(The Complex is part of the Spanish Royale Armada)

The Scurvy - Part of the Spanish Royale Armada willing to destroy the EITC

Ocean's Cult- Former enemies, now allies, part of The Spanish Royale Armada

Notable Leaders of Spain

Carlos la Verde Sanita (Pearson Wright)- King of Spain

Grace Goldtimbers- Married to Pearson Wright

Darksilver- Grand Field Marshall of the Spanish Royale Armada

Sven Daggersteel


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