Caribbean Story by Will Greasescarlett

ON CARIBBEAN TV (POTCO Roleplay Channel 10) One day, there was King Will. He ruled the Caribbean. Then, there was Magic Pirate. They fought Jolly.

Battle 1

Jolly invades Kingshead.The skeletons invade.Half all skeletons are killed!He killed all EITC, but the navy is left.Then Magic Pirate gives Jolly a potion.Jolly is under Wills command. "Good job Magic Pirate!" Said King Will.But Jolly Roger rose from the dead.They were getting ready pistols, swords, dolls, grenades, daggers, and staffs.

Battle 2

Jolly strikes Kingshead again.He killed all EITC, so it is hard only for the navy to kill him.Magic Pirate made potions enough for everyone!All Navy got out their daggers!And they threw it at the skeletons.The other half skeletons are left.Then Jolly came.They threw the daggers at the same time at Jolly.Jolly had fallen in a pit!He was locked.The end.


Will Greasescarlett

  • Role: King, Magic Pirate
  • Description: Very strong king and always has potions when Magic Pirate!Instead of weapons,he uses potions

EITC and Navy

  • Role: Self
  • Description: Weapons always ready!We will never serve Jolly Roger!
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