Caribbean Republic is a Minecraft Page.

The Republic is the oldest standing nation/organization in OlexCraft/Olexia


  • Cuba ~ Governor Squirto19
  • Mount Sierra ~ No Governor
  • Lakeland ~ No Governor


  • AlReyesSpark and Squirto19

The Founding of the Republic

In August 2012, Caribbean Republic was formed with its only territory being Cuba. Its founders are Governor squirto19 and Leader AlReyesSpark. It has remained neutral from the days of peace and only two territories of Olexia, Fort Dirt (Independently ruled) and Cuba and survived as it expanded its small island into a functioning place to govern from.

Expansion Age

In the newer days as Cuba became crowded, the Republic decided it would expand to nearby of the chilly shores of Mount Sierra where it would move to its permanent capital of Frozen Los Angeles. The large city would start with just the simple mansion, skyscraper, and many underground areas to build in and remained the only city in Mount Sierra. As Frozen Los Angeles grew, so did other places, The Rise of Rock and Dirt, flourishing fast, and the Rise of Aperture Science, a large superpower. They would both be dealt with peacefully for a long while.

Bronze Age

As the older nation grew eventually a mall was set out to be built after the finished construction of the mayoral and governoral offices were built for Mount Sierra and Frozen Los Angeles. With a RaD Embassy keeping peace. The Republic started to arise as more joined the two founders, but did not flourish as the others did Meanwhile, tensions rose as a new power rose, the New California Republic, that rove fear into Aperture and would eventually spark the first war the land of Olexia will have seen. As it progressed, the Republic would remain neutral through it.

Silver Age

With the fall of Aperture, and later NCR, the nation continued to prevail peacefully, as did their ally RaD who also decided to take a peaceful approach. The Republic would begin to expand its borders beyond that of Frozen Los Angeles and to the Bluedog Frontier, north of the city. The land between the border and the city will soon begin to be built as Mount Sierra grows, and a new territory rises, Lakeland. The Republic continues to grow as more begin to join. More to come

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