Name: Will Cannonfury

Level: 44

Guild: The Glorious Order ( Co-GM )

Ship 1: Dark-sail Warrior ( War Sloop )

Ship 2: Dark Viking ( War Galleon )

Ship 3: Tide Dancer ( Light Sloop )

Best Weapon: Barracuda Blade ( Famed weapon, Attack points: 95 )

Will Cannonfury grew up in a poor family with no siblings at all. He was from Boston, Massachusetts, taught how to speak well and spell right with good grammar. When he grew up to be a teenager he was a fisherman and sailed to the coast of Cuba. Once there he never wanted to come back to Boston, because the Caribbean was beautiful. He wasn't a pirate though until he went on his light sloop and started plundering the seas for treasure. The first guild he thought of what was a success was the Masters In Swords. Then he joined North Star Clan and from there on that was probably the guild he would stay in. North Star Clan got in a battle with the EITC over Antik. Cannonfury was included and clumsy with his skills on fighting atop Fort Charles and Fort Dundee. When the Guildmaster of North Star Clan decided that the guild shall move on, he made the Glorious Order and there Will joined as he was now one of the loyal men of his Guildmaster. He became the Co-GM after a few months and has faced many tough times and new things. He won 2nd place in the Feats of Strength racing with the winner, Pretty Polly. Went on fighting the Queen Anne's Revenge, saving captive GM's and became a Scoundrel of the Seas. North Star Clan and the Glorious Order got in a fight and a group of people from the Clan wanted to corrupt the Order's Guildmaster and Cannonfury was part of that group. After 5 days of trash-talking and getting banned, the group finally shook hands with the Order and became siblings again. Right now Will Cannonfury can be found on Antik, Andaba, or Kokoros. I dedicate this biography to: Nate Plankwash, Thomas Sunkidd, Henry Calicomorgan, Pretty Polly, Captain Delmaria Darkskull, and Peter Bluedougal. Thank you guys for supporting me.

Sorry if this wasn't long enough, I wanted to keep this biography short and clear, so people can understand it. I hope you guys read this, please do. And you can meet my pirate, Will Cannonfury at Antik, Andaba, or Kokoros on any day :D fair winds! ( I'll post pictures soon )
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