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Thomas O'davis is a ruthless Pirate who sails the Caribbean. His ship and crew search for gold and valuable weapons. Thomas grew up as an Englishmen serving in the Navy. He became a Pirate after his father's death. Since then he has become a great danger to the Caribbean. Thomas sails the Black Executioner with his devious crew. Be on the lookout when sailing for the Executioner's red sails.


As a Pirate, Thomas O'davis got in trouble often. Being captured by the EITC and the Royal Navy. Thomas was captured 8 times and escaped 8 times. After his final escape, he gathered his crew and became an even more ruthless Pirate.

Thomas's other successes have been starting his own guild "Missionary", which he is no longer guild master of. Also, Thomas has become one of the richest Pirates, reaching 200,000 gold. Thomas also has found 20 famed weapons including 2 famed cursed. And killing over 35,000 enemies and sinking over 2,000 ships. His greatest success was reaching Level 50!

Current News

Nowadays Thomas is silent in the Caribbean. He spends most of his time looting at Isla Tormenta and Raven's Cove. Thomas Joined the guild The Endless Storm. Which he is very happy to be in. Thomas is willing to help any Pirate, so if you need help, Thomas will help!

My best Weapons

1. Treachery's End (Famed)

2. Spinecrest Sword (Famed)
Treachery's End

3. War Scattergun (Famed)

4. Corsair Bayonet (Famed)

5. Sacred Pistol (Famed)

6. Corsair's Dagger (Famed)

7. Foul bane Blunderbuss (Rare)

8. Knives of the Golden Idol (Famed)

9. Master Fencer Sabre (Famed)

10. Deepwater Blade (Rare)

11. Scoundrel's Pistol (Famed)
Spinecrest Sword

12. Assassin's Knives (Famed)

13. Knives of the Hawk Idol (Famed)

14. Shark Fang Knives (Famed)

15. Spell Binder Doll (Famed)

16. Skullbone Repeater (Famed)

17. Orangutan Repeater (Famed)

18. Amazon Throwing Knives (Famed)

19. Sacred Pistol (Famed)
Corsair Bayonet

20. Hex Guardian Doll (Famed)

21. Bejewelled Cutlass (Famed)

22. Bejewelled Sabre (Famed)

23. Barnacle Breaker (Rare)

24. Sea Steel Sword (Rare)

25. Scoundrel's Throwing Knives (Famed)

And I found every Rare Cursed Blades there is at least 3 times or more.


Thomas Sails his War Brig the Black Executioner.
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