Smith without a tricorne

No one knows where Captain Smith comes from. He just... appeared. What they do know is that if you see a ship with maroon sails, and a black Skull & Crossbones, you're about to sink to the locker.


Richard Smith was first seen as a young lad climbing off a ship deemed the Red Dragon. He was wearing a simple tank top, potato sack trousers wallop boots, a buckled belt, and a rough tricorne. He had gunpowder stains on his top, and rips on his trousers. He stumbled off with a wild grin, and began talking to a man near him. The man was shorter, but equally as tough-looking. Richard got a dark brown coat a few days later.

Richard got a name for himself. He was often seen at the Rowdy Rooster, chatting with his friends Eric Brawlrage and Gerard Sternshot. When he wasn't in the bar, or sailing, he disappeared. There was one blacksmith in town who looked unnervingly similar to Smith, but no one ever challenged him.

Finally, everyone found out what he was up to. He bought, and gave it maroon sails. He then hand painted the Skull & Crossbones onto every sail. The ship was called the Outlaw Dragon. Eric and Gerard both served on it, until one day, Eric disappeared. Richard and Gerard went into a rut, which ended in Gerard attacking Richard. Smith killed him, but was taken into custody by the EITC.

Many years later, Captain Smith emerged from a citizen vessel landing at Port Royal, and killed the two EITC guards on the dock. He ran into the caves, and wasn't seen for weeks. When he was finally seen, he had shed his coat. Nathaniel Truehound reported it to the Navy, who brought it to King George, who happened to be visiting. Anyway, Smith fled the scene, and sailed the Ile d'Etable de Porc. He met up with Hector Pillageparr, a pirate who frequently visited Shipwreck Cove. The two were seen sailing away, and weren't seen for three more days.

The last recorded sighting of Captain Richard Smith was battling Pillageparr on Ile d'Etable de Porc a month later.

Other possible sightings have been recorded.



Outlaw Dragon—Frigate (Sunk)

Outlaw Dragon—SOTL (When it arrives)

Crimson Dragon—War Frigate (active)

Black Dragon—War Sloop (active)













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