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Hello Mates!

My name is Captain Shadow Sail, founder of the "Shadow Quests". What are they? They are a series of quests given out by either Fan GM:Captain Shadow Sail or King Shadow Sail. These quests give out very generous rewards and are very difficult. Do you dare try one?


Number Name Information Reward
1 Visit the Gamemaster, Shadow. Shadow will be at Padres del Fuego, Cortola, his house. Tell the guards you are here for an important and confidential meeting, they should let you in. Once in, go to Shadow's public office in the Fort / Castle area of the island. Shadow will be there himself to let you in. "Ahoy there mate! I see ye come for me quest, aye? Well I must warn you, this be a challenging and dangerous path to take, mate, but I will swear on my heart, it will all be worth it. If you accept this quest, do as I say. Go to Ravens Cove, for, I heard there have been some killings in that area, they need to be stopped. Unfortunately, I am far two busy (and even scared) to go myself, so you must. Talk to the people who are not trying to lodge a knife in your head, aye? Also, if anyone gives you any trouble, give them this, my seal, they see that you will will be treated like royalty, savvy." 1,000 gold + 1,000
2 Travel to Ravens Cove. As Shadow has told you to do, you must go to Ravens Cove and quote, Talk to the people who are not trying to lodge a knife in your head. Travel there and look for a man named "Crazy Ned", for, he might be crazy, but at least he is not kill crazy. "AAHHHHH HUMAN! Why are you here! Its too deadly here for a swashbuckler like yourself! Savvy! Ooh! Sir Shadow's seal. Why didn't you start out with that you crazy coconut mate! So yes, there have been some bye bye's in this area, some include my very own (and crazy) sister... ey... she was a nice woman, so sad... check up there on that hill... I see and hear guns up there all the time. But beware of the crazy chickens!" 2,000 gold + 2,000 Notoriety.
3 Find a way up the mountain like hill. You best be ignoring his last part... for all the chickens that WERE on this island were eaten for supper. The hill is far too steep for you to climb. There is a rope, a latter that is falling apart and an elevator that is smashed, if you can't figure out which one to use, then you shouldn't even be doing this quest in the first place. Reward: 2,000 gold 5,000 Notoriety
4 Explore. Info: You need to find out where the enemies are... be careful, for, these assassins are very skilled and most likely there will be traps. Try to go the safest path. Reward: None
5 Defeat 17 Thrall Captains. Info: Now that you have found the entrance to the secret cave (most likely the bandits will be inside), you need to defeat the Thrall Captains blocking the entrance, be careful, they respawn fast and are over level 50. Golden Ring with Diamond, made by Shadow himself.
6 Explore the cave. "Aye what a horrid surprise, visitors," said an old man sitting in a golden rocking chair as four guards guarded him. "Shadow ordered you here, aye? Ah, I knew he wouldn't come himself. Anyway... down to business. You have two options, you die or you leave, choose quick savvy. None
7 Defeat the enemies. You cannot die and fail Shadow's quest, you need to save Ravens Cove and defeat the 4 level 54 Assassins, and the level 65 Bandit Master (the old man in the rocking chair). For without you, there will be more killings and the island of Ravens will be no more. 7,000 Notoriety.
8 Return to Shadow. Now that you have created the source of the problem (the man starting it all), you must return to Shadow and tell him the good news. 10,000 Notoriety.
9 Defeat Foulberto Smasho X Times Shadow tells you that there is a certain pirate who knows the sacred location of the the murder's boss, Ronald Skoll, but he needs the "black eye of Foulberto Smasho". This "eye" is extremely rare and many want it, therefore, you need to be ALONE, (you may have a healer/s) and defeat him as many times as it takes until you get the eye. You now own a mansion on Port Royal.
10 Go to Padres Del Fuego. Now that you have the eye, you need to give it to this unknown man who knows the location of Ronald. Give him the eye so you can find Ronald.

10,000 Notoriety.

11 Escape The man who was suppose to give you the hidden location trapped you in an underground layer in Padres, you need to get out, for, the layer is flooding. Your Life.
12 Defeat 40 Thrall Captains There are 40 level 47 Thrall Captains charging to you (some form of security in the layer), and where you are at is almost completely underground, kill the Captains and escape through the stone door before its too late! Your Life.
13 Return to Shadow. Tell him the bad news, you also might want to tell him you almost died, he might give you something special. A clothing item of your choice (he felt bad that the mission almost cost you your life)
14 Visit everyone on the island of Ravens Cove. "Well mate, things happen... things go wrong... but we must not give up. I'm sure someone on Ravens will know some important confidential information about our little friend, aye? Just point this gun to their head and they will tell you whatever you desire" A pure silver pistol. *Attack: 250 *Abilities: Chain Master: Put every enemy in site in chains until you wish to free them. Skill Booster +10 each skill. Fire Master: Lights every enemy in sigh on fire until you wish to stop the fire.
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