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Captain Redskull is the main character of the flame saga. He is an anti-Navy/Jolly Roger kind of pirate. He bears no ill will towards EITC, as they haven't done anything to him yet. His original name was Joseph Smith.

His Story

Captain Redskull was born on Isla Inferno, on a day and year he doesn't know. He was the son of James Smith, an accomplished blacksmith who came to the island in search of the Legendary weapons so that he could melt them down and make his own. He fell in love with an unknown woman, got married, and settled on Port Royal. They were going back to Isla Inferno to say goodbye to the woman's family when he was born. His family was murdered by rage ghosts shortly after he was born. He was raised by the Titan's Arm tavern owner. When he was 8, his foster father was killed by an Undead Raider, and Captain Redskull swore vengeance against Jolly Roger. He stowed away on The Blue Titan and landed on Tortuga. There he met Jack Sparrow, who lead him into a life of piracy. He used to reside in El Sudoron until some Navy scum killed his precious pet/family member floating pig Paul. They made him into floating bacon, and Captain Redskull killed them all. His location is currently unknown.


The Revenge

The Forsaken Sword

Blue Flame

Plunder Pistol

Sacred Moon Blunderbuss

Sacred Moon Bayonet

The Lightning Blade

The Forbidden Staff

He is in the possession of the Flame Ruby, a gem that has all the powers of fire. When he holds it, his hair turns red, his eyes dark blue, and he can channel fire through his hands.

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