Next Saturday, Lord Samuel Redbeard and the EITC will be throwing a party for Leon's leaving the game. The game will be held at the top of Kingshead, on Saturday, September 3, 1722(2011) at 5:00 PM EST. If you don't know what EST is go to Google and get it in YOUR time zone, I'm not doing it for you. EVERYBODY, exccept The Paradox and all those nasty broads. Feel free to shop up. Yes, there will be the usual: Foods, drinks the whole works. And.... A CAPTAIN LEON PINATA! So, if you're coming, please sign up below so we know how many beverages to get.



Lord Samuel Redbeard—HOST

Edgar Wildrat

King Joshua Pond

Lord Johnny Coaleaston

Lord Jeremiah Garland

John Warsmythe

Johnny Goldtimbers

Beckett's Elites

Co. Black Guard

Company Guard

Lord Diplomat Matthew O'malley

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