This is a EITC file page it is a file on Captain Leon. it is also a extent of the watch list file.

Captain Leon undisierable # 1 wanted for attempted take over of EITC

Level 39

Clothes: Regular EITC Outfit except for the admiral hat.

When in the game he will type in proper grammar and often refer to his followers by there rank. Captain Leon is extremely hard to track IF FOUND DO NOT ATTEMPT CAPTURE KILL ON SIGHT AND BRING TO JOHN BREASLY OR SAMUEL REDBEARD

Captain Leon is a tyrant who declared war where ever he went.

WARNING: Captain Leon is a master deceiver DO NOT TALK TO HIM IF CAPTURED

Captain Leon is undesirable # 1 he has managed to elude Samuel by getting his bounty hunters to double cross Samuel.

The price for Leon is negoitable the EITC are willing to offer at least 100,000 in gold if dead DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CAPTURE ALIVE

Captain Leon is of medium height, blue eyes lightly tanned skin and a pug nose black hair with French moustache.

Wanted posters are coming as soon as possible.

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